Inspiration Stimulation

Inspiration Stimulation

Oh Nooo!

"Pocket Full of Horses, F*cked the Sh*t Outta Bears"


Childhood dreams.... and capin' crunch? (featuring Binx)

Canada Day 09' in random pictures

lol hair extensions

dead guy...?


not edible...

Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett....

Im soo excited for this movie....


I have recently graduated from light sleeper to insomniac, and quite frankly I find it startling.

I lie there, staring at the dark ceiling, and wait.
Wait for sleep to smack me square in the jaw.

It is so slow in coming....
My neurotic brain races for hours about everything possible but nothing in particular.
I then become greatly disturbed as I notice the time, and figure out the hours left before I must rise.
Sometimes at this point, I become panic-filled and toss and turn and huff and puff, and of course,
out of frustration my heart races, and adrenaline begins its crawl through me, and I become upset....

I have recently graduated from light sleeper to insomniac, and quite frankly I find it startling.

Kitten Inspired Poetry

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Binx is a crazy mamajama
And she will pee in your shoe
(if you're not paying close attention)

Got Chucks?

Check out my Chucks here: Got Chucks?

"You can join the project. Go to Twitter and tweet a link to a photo of yourself with your Chuck Taylors, (twitpic, flickr, etc.). Include a short title for your photo and the tag #gotchucks.

You can also help by tweeting this message:
Got Chucks? #gotchucks "


Words/Phrases I say too often

A list of words/Phrases that I say way too often...

1) Wicked
2) Awesome
3) Wicked-Awesome
4) Slay/ Slayed
5) What the Cock?!
6) I want to go to there (thank you 30rock)
7) Cuckoo-Nutso / Cuck-a-Dook
8) In any case...

"I'm gonna betch slap you shetbag!!"

Lets get some shoes...


Work you plan to get done later.
Work you actually get done later.
Time Left.
Population of doodletown.
Willingness to bullshit just to take up space.

Hello friends of the interweb. How are you?
In any case, Its almost 4am.
I'm tired.
So the logical thing to do of course is... scan through the blogs on!!! wootwoot, stop the fun train...

I've been scanning through blogs for about half an hour now, and this one keeps coming up every 2 or 3 pages...

Maybe this is a sign from some higher power, some strange 'blog-god' telling me to take up scrapbooking.
Maybe I should, I might be a fucking wicked awesome scrapbooker and not even know it!
I highly doubt that though. I could be a horrible scrapbooker.
And then after a strange 4-in-the-morning revelation about scrapbooking I decide to try it and then fail misrablely leaving my self-confidence shattered forever.

The moral of this story... Don't trust your mind at 4am. Its Lies.

ok. for real. sleep please? please come here? and draw on my arms and face and tattoo me with zzzzzzz's.


I have a new tattoo.
It's on my leg.
It's a couple weeks old.
It's in the peeling stage.
It itches.
It will be finished peeling soon.
Then I will be happy.
Until then the answer is Vaseline.

I *heart* my new tattoo.

How it ACTUALLY feels to chew 5 gum...

I put my hands in the pockets of a hoodie that I haven't worn in over a year.
In the right was chapstick and a guitar pick.
In the left was a book of matches with 3 left, and an orange flavored Tic-Tac.
I think that that describes me perfectly.

(i ate the tic-tac)


Fucking Hilarious....

Random Things About Me You Really Don't Care To Know...

1) I'm obsessive... If I like something/someone I wanna know everything I can about it/them.
2) I get mad at continuity mistakes... even in commercials.
3) I laugh hysterically at my own jokes.
4) I'm one of those people who can rarely tell a joke because I start laughing hysterically in the middle of trying telling them.
5) Almost everything I say is an obscure TV or movie reference.
6) I listen to bands that you've never heard of.
7) My favorite food is broccoli.
8) My hair has been pretty much every color you can think of.
9) I can't swim... which is fine with me cause I hate pools.
10) I play guitar / bass / piano.
11) I've never taken music lessons.
12) I love art, but I hate art classes... why waste however many years learning a bunch of useless technique and theory that I'll probably just have to unlearn if i ever want to create my own style?
13) I'm mad that there are no cool female superheros. And why is it that all the male superheros get the cool masks and capes? All wonder woman got was hooker boots and a bathing suit, what the fuck was that?!
14) I will judge you if you drive a hummer. They are big, evil things that run on kitten blood and unicorn tears.
15) I currently have eight tattoos.
16) I give myself tattoos.
17) I'm never happy with my hair... I'm always thinking of someway to change it.
18) I use men's body wash.
19) I almost never return phone calls.
20) I swear WAY too much.
21) I can't whistle.
22) I drink way too much coffee.

Amanda Palmer, I love you.